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Welcome to Serratonin!

Located in the heart of the Gellert neighborhood in Basel, Serratonin is a happy place where you can connect your body & mind, move freely at your own range without judgment or obligations. A place where you can heal, grow stronger, move, have fun, let go and just enjoy the moment.

What is Serratonin?

My daughter once said: “Mummy, whenever you teach, you’re happy.” – And I realized it’s true! And so are my clients when they leave my studio. Serotonin is often called the body’s natural “feel good” chemical.  Exercise helps raise the serotonin level in our brain. That’s how “Serratonin” was born, a combination of my name – Serra – and the word serotonin. I strive to offer you a place that creates the ideal circumstances as well as a vast variety of products and services contributing to a lasting experience of happiness, energy, calmness and well-being.

All classes held by me are available in four languages: French, Turkish, English and German. My studio offers state of the art equipment and a variety of equipment unique in Basel: Barre Pilates, Garuda Pilates, chair Pilates, arch Pilates / spine corrector, mat Pilates, Garuda sling Pilates and Pilates reformers with tower.

My approach

While Garuda Pilates has specific equipment, it is mainly a philosophy. Garuda Pilates combines the exercises of Pilates with the breathwork and practice of yoga and the grace and flow of dance movements. By combining the three, the philosophy of Garuda aims for a holistic body, soul and mind experience. Some call it 21st century fitness, because we often fail to experience ourselves as a whole – the Garuda technique empowers us to feel at home in, and connected with our bodies.

The garuda philosophy fits perfectly with another focus of mine, which is fascia in motion. A part of our body that is neglected in certain fitness practices, the fascia is the connecting tissue surrounding all muscles and organs. When focusing on fascia through exercise, we experience the body as a whole and use the movement itself to create connections and loosen tension at the same time. Like this, while building muscle tissue, the fascia is stretched and releases unnecessary adhesions, allowing for free and natural movement.

I have my unique way of teaching and in my classes I alternate and combine all mentioned techniques, securing a well-balanced training custom-tailored to my students.

Come visit me in the heart of Basel!

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